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Animal Proofing Glen Ellyn

Animal Proofing Glen Ellyn

When it comes to your home making sure it is protected is key. It doesn’t matter if it is protection from mold, thieves, or animals. If your home is animal proofed then it is highly unlikely an animal would get inside, but there is still a chance that they can get in through an open window or door. Following these steps can help you prevent animals from getting in your home this winter. To get help with these steps and more call Animal Trackers. Their expert staff can identify problem areas and the solution for you.

Rodent Proofing Glen Ellyn

The hardest animal to keep out are rodents. Mice, Rats, and Squirrels. This is because they are small and have a habit of enlarging cracks and tiny holes into small holes. Because they are small what could seem like normal wear to a home could allow them to get inside, and being hard to see means that you might not even know they are there. Rodent Proofing your home means that you need to take the following steps. Keep the foundation of your home visible. Rodents like entrances that are hard for predators to watch or find. Meaning anything that touches your home can hide an approach for them. Make sure all lower windows, doors, and vents are closed or have screens or covers that can resist animals attempts to gnaw through them. Squirrels have been known to chew through aluminum. Fill any cracks or holes in the outside of your home. If they don’t have a starting point to work on, it makes it very hard for them to get through. Secure all loose outside covers. Siding, outlet covers, and others can be used by animals to get inside. If they can not pry it away from the home, they can’t get in.

Bird Proofing Glen Ellyn

Birds are hard to proof against like rodents. They are small and fast meaning they don’t spend a lot of time getting in and out of your home. Birds target vents and other openings, but do not tend to make their own. Chimneys are one popular entrance for birds, that is also highly dangerous for you and them. Birds building nests in a chimney can cause a house fire or carbon monoxide buildup inside the home. To bird proof your home a simple wire mesh over vent covers and the chimney will keep them out. Holes in the sides and roof of your home can also let birds in. Repairing these holes will keep birds out, as well as other animals.

Raccoon Proofing Glen Ellyn

Raccoons are a harder animal to stop, but not impossible. Raccoons can create openings into your home and cause a lot of damage. To raccoon proof your home, make sure that branches of nearby trees are not getting to close to your home, this will also help keep squirrels out. Raccoons like high homes, meaning that they will target the roof of your home, but will also take advantage of ground level entrances if available. There is no sure proof deterrent for raccoons either. Sprays and Chemicals will not always work, and high pitch generators will fail to work after a little. Thankfully raccoons can be deterred very easily by simply making sure that those openings are secure. Raccoons can pull covers off, so making sure that they are screwed in will stop them from pulling covers off. Though if they decide to break through there is little you can do to stop them.

Animal Trackers Glen Ellyn

Most homes have these measures put in place when they are built, but as with anything time can degrade your home’s defences and make it vulnerable to invasion. Checking every inch can be hard and sometimes you will miss a warning sign that can lead to an animal getting in. That is why giving the experts at Animal Trackers Wildlife a call helps. Their trained staff can help make sure that animals not only stay out of your home, but also your property as well. Shacks, decks, and more! If an squirrel, skunk, or raccoon gets inside your home, Animal Trackers Wildlife can help you with discrete wildlife removal. Animal Removal is just as important as Animal Proofing. Removing them quickly before they cause too much damage will keep your home safe and you and your family healthy! So if you already have an animal in your home. Get local animal removal help from Animal Trackers Wildlife.