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An Opossum removed from a home in a humane way

Fear you may have an Opossum problem? We at Animal Trackers Wildlife want to make the entire process of identifying and removing nuisance wildlife simple for you. Below you will find helpful information to help you correctly determine the species of wildlife you may be experiencing, as well as health or property risks commonly attributed with Opossums.

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Opossum Identification & Physical Characteristics

Opossums can stroll right up to your home and burrow in underneath holes in your foundations and porches

The chances are that wasn’t a cat the size of a rat you just saw; that was probably an Opossum. Opossums are the only marsupials(A Marsupial is an animal who carries their young in a pouch) in Illinois and all of North America.

They are recognizable by their gray fur that is tipped with gray or black. They have long, narrow snouts that hold 50 sharp teeth, pink noses, and bare ears. Their whitish face is capped off by the black inside of their ears. Their tails are those most widely recognized feature because it is nearly as long as their body and appears hairless.

Opossums Eating Habitats and Lifestyle

Opossums have become highly adaptable in Northern Illinois; particularly throughout Cook County, Kane County, DuPage, County, Lake County, and McHenry County.  They are nocturnal by nature, so you are more likely to see them at night. They are naturally passive and evasive creatures, but when confronted will attempt to scare away a predator by baring its teeth and hissing. If that tactic proves ineffective, they will “play opossum,” or play dead, and may even release a stinky green fluid.

Never approach a opossum they can be fierce and every territorial animals

You see, Opossums don’t actually build their own shelters, or nesting places, they often just make themselves comfortable in existing structures such as sheds, old buildings, and under patios.

Opossums are equally opportunistic eaters, as they are omnivorous scavengers. This means that they will eat just about anything edible – plants, meat, trash, etc. They most commonly eat such items as insects, berries, vegetation, worms, bird eggs, frogs, roadkill, and other dead animals.

Animal Trackers Wildlife – Opossum Removal Services

Even though Opossums are generally not a health risk, take care of these animals as soon as you can to prevent damage to your home

Opossums are not an immediate health hazard to humans. However, they are carriers of parasites and other diseases.




Opossums are also a concern because they will get into your garbage, bird feeders, pet food, garages, sheds, etc.

We at, Animal Trackers Wildlife are highly trained and qualified nuisance wildlife removal professionals that are experts in or field. When dealing with Opossums, leave it to the trained professionals.

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