Birds can destroy your home. Bird droppings are a hazardous situation to you and your family, pigeons and starlings are known to carry salmonella, blastomycosis, histoplasmosis, encephalitis and many other diseases that can infect humans.  The droppings are also acidic, which will eat away building materials. Birds commonly nest in dryer ducts and above light fixtures causing a potential fire hazard



European House Sparrows

European Starlings

These three birds are the most common and pesky birds that could plague your home.  These birds are well known for nesting in building cavities like bathrooms fan vents, dryer vents, microwave vents, siding and fascia gaps, roof vents and peak vents.

If you think you have birds in your attic, bathroom, microwave vent or one that is just simply flying around the house; call Animal Trackers Wildlife Control as soon as possible!  We use humane methods to remove the bird from your home and can repair, replace, or re-screen the entry point to prevent them from getting back in!


We are your number one option for wildlife removal, animal proofing your home, and ensuring you will never be bothered by animal nuisances again.

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