Groundhog Removal Service

Groundhogs (AKA Woodchucks) don’t exactly chuck wood, but they can wreak havoc on your landscaping. If you are concerned that you may have a groundhog problem, be sure to contact us today. Animal Trackers Wildlife is available throughout Chicagoland for the removal of nuisance wildlife such as groundhogs. Below is some information that may prove helpful in identifying a groundhog, as well as other information you should know about this animal.

Groundhog Identification & Physical Characteristics

Groundhogs are large rodents that are actually members of the squirrel family. In fact, they actually have the ability to climb trees. Groundhogs in Northern Illinois tend to have yellowish to reddish brown fur, short rounded ears with yellowish incisors. They typical adult will reach a length of about 1 foot and weigh up to 11 pounds.

Groundhog Eating Habitats and Lifestyle

Groundhogs are most active throughout the day. They eat a variety of plant life including; grasses, wildflowers, and clovers. They are also fans of eating crops such as; carrots, celery, corn, and beans. When first coming out of hibernation it is not uncommon for them to eat bark, tree buds and twigs. They tend to enter into hibernation in October and typically emerge in March or April.

Animal Trackers Wildlife – Groundhog Removal Services

Groundhogs are not an immediate health hazard to humans. However, they are carriers of parasites and other diseases.

Groundhogs are also a concern because they will get into your gardens, landscaping, and may burrow under garages, sheds, etc.

We at, Animal Trackers Wildlife are highly trained and qualified nuisance wildlife removal professionals that are experts in or field. When dealing with groundhogs, leave it to the trained professionals.

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