Grubs Overview

No one likes destructive pests, and grubs are the sign of one. Grubs, sometimes called white grubs, are the larval form of the Japanese beetle, June “bugs” or the European chafers. While in the larval or “grub” form, they tunnel around under the grass and other plants, eating the roots and other organic materials that are present. When they mature they turn into Beetles that eat the leafy parts of plants, leaving the ‘skeleton’ in their wake. While destructive on their own, they can attract destruction as well.

Grub Predators

While their adult beetles might not have that many natural predators, the grubs are eaten by many. Insectivores such as Skunks, Raccoons, and Opossums, will dig up your lawn to get to them. Typically individual grubs do not attract much attention, but a large group of them can be worth digging up for a feast. Keeping the grub population under control will not only help save your grass but will keep your lawn from being torn up by a hungry predator.

Beetle Control

The biggest reason to keep your grubs in check is to control the beetle population around your house. Beetles, like the Japanese Beetle, can be very harmful to the plants around your home. They eat the leafy part of trees, rose bushes, and other plants leaving a skeleton leaf in their wake. This prevents the plant from photosynthesizing enough to keep it healthy and flourishing. Also, no one likes when a beetle flies into them, or into a window while they are trying to relax.

Grub Treatment

Timing is everything with treating your yard for grubs. The first part is identifying where they are. If you have a section of grass that keeps dying for no reason, you most likely have a grub problem under the ground. In the middle of summer is the not the best time to have your yard treated. This is typically when the grubs have already turned into beetles and are not going to be under the ground. Fall is when the beetles have laid eggs, and those eggs are hatching into grubs. Grubs will stay in this stage until Spring of the next year feeding on the roots of your lawn, and turn into Beetles at the start of summer.

Grub Removal

Efficient lawn grub elimination will help protect your lawn from them, and your plants from the beetles that they become. Animal Trackers Wildlife recommends that you contact a reputable lawn or pest control service to help diagnose and treat the grubs.

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