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Animal Wildlife Trackers is committed to providing you the best animal, and nuisance removal services in Chicago-land.  Please enjoy these videos highlighting our services and some of the animals and critters we have captured in your local area


This is one of our most memorable baby animal rescues we participated in. Here we were asked to rescued stranded baby geese from an office park courtyard that had no way out. After many different approaches, walking them (and mom) through the office proved the best! If you are experience baby animals that need removal or rescuing from your home or business be sure to call us today at: (847) 884-1057

Baby Skunks Trying to Break Mom Out of Skunk Jail

The female skunk had her litter under this shed which is very common, she got caught, the babies are trying to get to her. I approached and most ran under the shed, but I was able to grab a few to reunite with mom right away. They are super cute at this age!

How To Properly Animal Proof Your Patio or Stoop

Duck Trapped In Prius Video

As Seen On NBC News, WGN News, and Fox News

This is one of the more unique calls we ever received.  Customer called and said that a hen mallard flew in front of his car while driving.  This caused the mallard to fly in to the car’s grill, which then snapped closed, causing the mallard to be trapped inside!  Amazingly, the mallard was okay after we rescued it! Check out the video here!

Trapping A Skunk Using Only My Voice!

Check out the video Tony shot of the trapping of this beautiful skunk. This removal went as well as it possibly could of.

Coyote Stalking The Neighborhood

Coyotes are something you definitely want to watch out for around your home.  They have been known to attack dogs so they are a threat to your family pet.

Baby Raccoons

We found these little guys in someones home and humanely removed them.

Squirrel Rescue From a Downspout

Sometimes when you are out on a call you hear some animals that in distress and need help.  I heard this squirrel call out for help and this is to show you what to look for because squirrels can get trapped in various places.

Squirrel Removal Services

How To Treat A Bald-Faced Hornet Nest

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