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Grub Season

The fall season is upon us and so is grub season. Grubs can cause serious damage to your lawn and landscaping. To make matters worse, grubs in your lawn will attract skunks and opossums who will dig and tear at your grass to reach their prey.

Trapping A Skunk Using Only My Voice!

It doesn’t get much easier than that! Our years of experience have allowed us to truly provide humane wildlife removal. Our goal is to provide you with highly effective wildlife removal services and do so with less stress and fear being caused to the animals. Here is a recent video of Tony trapping a skunk by calmly talking and walking with the animal. Enjoy!

Skunk Removal

Here Tony is going to head to head with a skunk that has been residing behind a giant pile of tires at a local Firestone. Will Tony be able to get to the skunk without getting sprayed? If you are dealing with a skunk be sure to give the guys a call at: (847) 884-1057


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Bat Removal in Chicago

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Brandon found a few bats in an attic in Chicago recently. Here he shows the details of the roost areas and what the bats look like up close. If you suspect that you have bats residing in your around your home, call us today!

Snapping Turtle Release

Here Tony from Animal Trackers Wildlife shows the release of a snapping turtle.  As snapping turtles

Snapping Turtle Fun Facts

  • Did you know, the Common Snapping Turtle is actually New York’s official state reptile?
  • Lifespan of snapping turtles can reach upwards of 100 years
  • Peak mating season occurs between June & July



Chimney Swift Bird Season

Today Tony from Animal Trackers Wildlife Shows you want the next of the Chimney Swift looks like. This protected bird species is truly remarkable. Because they are a protected species we cannot do anything to remove them if they get into your chimney. The good news is these birds will migrate south in the fall, in which we then recommend installing a new chimney cap to prevent them from coming back next season.

Cool and Interesting Facts about Chimney Swifts

  • These birds fly constantly, if they aren’t sleeping or nesting they are in flight. These birds even bathe in flight by sliding down to water.
  • They have a glue like saliva that they use to “cement” their nests to chimney walls and rock faces.
  • These birds feed solely on insects such as mosquitos.