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It is that time of year where Raccoons prove to be a problem to homeowners in the Bartlett Illinois area.

Raccoons are notorious in the local area. Since raccoons are omnivorous, they will eat anything that smells good to them, whether it is in your yard, like bird food or garden plants or goodies out of the trash can. Most raccoons in the Bartlett area are born and raised in attics, so it is natural for them to return to continue to make these places home. They can also den in sheds, garages, garbage piles and tree cavities.
Raccoons will typically get into a home thru the roof, but can also come in at ground level. There are several common roof entry points, roof vents, and soffit vents are the most likely, but they will also just tear a hole in the roof if they can. In Bartlett raccoons can live in the attic or crawl space year round. Therefore, if you hear a scratching or thumping sound at night in your home, have Animal Trackers Wildlife come in and investigate your home. Raccoons can be aggressive and attack when they feel like their nest is being threatened, especially during the baby season. Raccoons also are notorious carriers of various diseases, especially rabies and salmonella. If you are ever bitten or attacked by a raccoon in your yard or home, seek medical attention immediately!

Offering Professional Raccoon Removal Services Throughout the Bartlett Area

We are highly trained and qualified professional experts in removing the animals that have invaded your home and personal space. Since raccoons are highly destructive let us make your home safe from these common animals. We recently roomed a raccoon from a home in Bartlett. Below is a photo of the damage this animal did to the home’s roof.

Raccoon Identification & Physical Characteristics

Raccoons are known as the masked bandits of the animal kingdom not just because of their distinct facial markings, but also their, tendency to explore and get into trouble. Raccoons are one of the most recognizable creatures that inhabit the Bartlett area. Known for the black band, or “mask” around their eyes, they are, commonly gray, black, and brown in color, with a trademark striped tail.
Raccoons are typically 24 to 36 inches long and can weight between 10 and 25 pounds. Their average lifespan in the wild is between 2 and 4 years. Learn more about Raccoons by visiting our Raccoon Page

Raccoon Babies Season Is Here!

Just like clockwork, we recovered our first litter of baby raccoons on March 21st.  It is amazing how after 20 years of doing wildlife control that we almost always find them on this date!  This litter, that Brandon Kulosa found, was in an attic and they were about 2 weeks old.   Since raccoon gestation is about 63 days, that puts this conception at around January 1st.   So those raccoons fighting in your attic on New Years Eve, well, now you know what they were up to, and it wasn’t fighting! These are the early birds, as most the litters will be born in April and May.  Check out the video Brandon shot of the removal, it went as good as it possibly could. Raccoons have on average 4 babies, but as many as 7.  This litter had 6,  a very rare and high number.  You will also see just how much damage a 20 pound raccoon can do to your expensive blown in insulation.  They trample it down and cut huge trails through it.   Raccoon babies can scoot on their belly from birth and are fairly mobile at around 1 month.  The female will generally keep them in one place for 2 months, then they will begin foraging with her.  Therefore, If you hear baby raccoons in your attic, it’s best to start removal as soon as possible, as it is far easier to locate and remove the little ones.  Once they begin moving, they get into places like wall cavities and soffits, that may require cutting the wall open to remove, leading to more expensive repairs.  Give Animal Trackers a call if your hearing strange sounds in your attic, we work everyday and would be happy to help you out.  Let the raccoon baby season begin!
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