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Animals in Springtime

Animals in Springtime

With the mild winter, animals are starting to already to become more active. This can lead to problems due to myths and misunderstandings. Animal Trackers Wildlife would like to help you get to know which of theses facts are true and which are false. Taking a moment will help make sure that you keep yourself safe, and any woodland critters that found their way to your home.

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One of the biggest myths about birds is that if a baby falls out of a nest to not touch it. The truth is the parents will not abandon a baby bird if you touch it to put the baby back in the nest. In fact, you would make the parents grateful as they do not have a way to get their little ones back to the nest to keep them safe from predators. That being said, do not disturb the nest too much. If the nest is disturbed too much or too often, the parents will be scared that a predator had found the nest and might abandon it then. A nest around your home can be fun to watch. Keep a distance and use a camera with a long zoom, or binoculars to look at the nest from a distance.

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Raccoons do not hibernate during the winter, though they do store up fat as if they were. Raccoons usually wait out the cold days in their den or your home. Coming out on warm days to look for food. There are two types of raccoons you might have. A single male raccoon, or a female raccoon who might have young with her. Females are the ones that are more troublesome to deal with, as they can be fiercely defensive of her raccoon babies. Young with these females are typically nine months to a year old and can move about themselves. If you see a baby raccoon, do not approach. Call Animal Trackers Wildlife and let them know you saw a baby raccoon and let the professionals take care of it.

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Skunks are a problem for winter. Where there is one skunk, there are usually more. Skunks tend to group in the winter, sharing body heat during the cold winter days. If you discover a skunk den, then you have found a world of trouble. Stay clear of the opening and make sure that you do not disturb the den. Call Animal Trackers Wildlife as even a miss spray can have a smell that lingers for days.

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Opossums have the hardest times during the winter, and you are more likely to encounter a dead opossum then a live one if the winter has been exceptionally cold unless they made a den inside your home. Opossums have thin hair and none on their ears or tail. If you see an opossum in a shed or outside, do not approach. Opossums will go into a shock-like state that makes them seem like they are playing, but this state lasts 40 minutes to 4 hours. At any point, the opossum can wake up and will bite and scratch at you if it does. Leave the area and come back an hour or two later a few times, if the opossum hasn’t moved during that period, it is most likely dead. Removal of dead animals is just one of the many services that Animal Trackers Wildlife provides, and can make sure that there wasn’t another animal around that could cause you more trouble.

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With over 20 years of experience in nuisance wildlife removal, you can be sure that when you call Animal Trackers Wildlife, you will be calling the best. Brandon and Tony will make sure that your bird, raccoon, skunk, opossum or other nuisance wildlife problem will be taken care of. So if you’re having an issue with anything with wings or listed on our other pages, call and get them taken care of quickly!