Snapping Turtle Release

Who wants a snapping turtle!? The “dinosaur of the turtle world”, these snuggly little creatures love to be handled… just don’t get anywhere near it’s mouth! They have one of the strongest bite forces of any animal!

Posted by Animal Trackers Wildlife on Thursday, May 31, 2018

Here Tony from Animal Trackers Wildlife shows the release of a snapping turtle.  As snapping turtles

Snapping Turtle Fun Facts

  • Did you know, the Common Snapping Turtle is actually New York’s official state reptile?
  • Lifespan of snapping turtles can reach upwards of 100 years
  • Peak mating season occurs between June & July



Chimney Swift Bird Season

Chimney Swifts, nature’s pesticide free insect collectors, are nesting in a chimney near you right now. They are a protected bird, hence we cannot mess with them; but really, they are super beneficial and will be gone before you know it. Have a quick look at what a nest of these beauties look like!

Posted by Animal Trackers Wildlife on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Today Tony from Animal Trackers Wildlife Shows you want the next of the Chimney Swift looks like. This protected bird species is truly remarkable. Because they are a protected species we cannot do anything to remove them if they get into your chimney. The good news is these birds will migrate south in the fall, in which we then recommend installing a new chimney cap to prevent them from coming back next season.

Cool and Interesting Facts about Chimney Swifts

  • These birds fly constantly, if they aren’t sleeping or nesting they are in flight. These birds even bathe in flight by sliding down to water.
  • They have a glue like saliva that they use to “cement” their nests to chimney walls and rock faces.
  • These birds feed solely on insects such as mosquitos.