Baby Geese Rescue

This is one of our most memorable baby animal rescues we participated in. Here we were asked to rescued stranded baby geese from an office park courtyard that had no way out. After many different approaches, walking them (and mom) through the office proved the best! If you are experience baby animals that need removal or rescuing from your home or business be sure to call us today at: (847) 884-1057


Yellow Jacket Removal

Here, our very own Tony Miltz takes you into the scary world of Yellow Jacket Removal. In this particular instance Tony is taking care of a Yellow Jacket nest that was visible behind a sheet of plastic covering insulation in the unfinished basement. Usually we do not get to see this great of a view. Please enjoy! If you are concerned that your home may be host to a Yellow Jacket Nest please call us immediately (847) 884-1057!