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Removal Services of SkunksRaccoonsSquirrels, and more throughout the Elgin Illinois area. For Animal Removal from your home or business call us today at: 847-884-1057

Do Not Approach An Animal Yourself!

Use the information provided in the animal information section to see which type of wildlife problem you might have.

Wildlife is really better left outside. Nuisance wildlife (even something as small as a squirrel) can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Protect your home from increasing repair/replacement bills, parasites and other health issues, and loss of property value, by calling Animal Trackers Wildlife Today.


Animals that are causing problems need to be removed or deterred from coming back. Contrary to many “old wives tales”, mothballs, lights, ammonia soaked rags, etc. don’t work long term or at all! Therefore, trapping, and animal proofing is the most effective way to ensure prevention of future wildlife problems. We are highly trained in hand captures and tranquilization of wildlife. To see some examples just watch a few of our videos. In most instances hand captures are not possible, therefore we use humane live catch traps. We have the education and experience necessary to catch everything from alligators, beavers, and raccoons to foxes, birds and skunks. We have been trapping and removing animals every day of the year for more than 19 years.

Animal Proofing Elgin IL.

Animal Proofing should be a concern of every home and business owner in the Elgin area, especially if you have ever dealt with an unwanted animal guest. The sad truth is, sooner or later all properties will have damage caused by wildlife. Given enough time and help from the elements, animals can and will find a way to get into almost any building. As the exterior of a building ages, concrete settles, and wood rots, animals will find it even easier to get in. 

Most animal proofing problems involve replacing or repairing areas to their original condition. In some cases, the original is not good enough, and a new screen or design is needed. Our services can include chimney caps, attic fans, anti-bird devices, vent covers or even window well covers.

We are your number one option for wildlife removal, animal proofing your home, and ensuring you will never be bothered by animal nuisances again.

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