Sharpshooting Services

Sharpshooting Service By Brandon Kulosa

“I have traveled to shoot for clients in three states. I am a trained and licensed professional sharpshooter, and have been shooting professionally since 1998. I emphasize safety and discretion above all, I will never compromise safety for a shot. My primary shooting clients are commercial and governmental facilities; ie. warehouses, retail shops and department stores, factories, salt domes, storage facilities, distribution centers, etc… I practice the 95% rule. I will not take the shot unless I am 95% confident that I will take the target out with one shot. If I am less than 95% confident, I’ll wait for a better opportunity. This means dramatically decreased damage liability and increased hit ratio. That’s what customers want, one shot and done, no collateral damage, and minimal expense. We come with complete liability insurance for the sharpshooting.  Prices are based on time and distance. I also shoot competativly on a team with the local rifle club. I can shoot mammals as well as birds, as long as they are covered under my permit from the state. I have and will shoot at any time of the day or night, whenever the situation requires.”

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