Animal Trapping

Trapped Opossum
Raccoon Roof Trap
Raccoon in a roof trap

Animals that are causing problems need to be removed or deterred from coming back. We are highly trained in hand captures and tranquilization of wildlife., to see some examples just watch a few of our videos. In the instances when hand captures are not possible, we use humane live catch traps. We have the education and experience necessary to catch everything from alligators, beavers, and raccoons to foxes, birds and skunks. We have been trapping and removing animals every day of the year for more than 17 years. Contrary to popular opinion, animals that go away on their own will also be able to find their way back.

Animal Trackers Wildlife is your number one source for trapping animals in your home, for humane removal in

  • Glen Ellyn

  • Wheaton

  • Barrington

  • Palatine

  • Elk Grove VIllage

    • And All Of The Entire Chicagoland Area

Roof Trap
Roof Trap Installation and Process

Come back in the future to see guides on how to reset your traps!

We are your number one option for wildlife removal, animal proofing your home, and ensuring you will never be bothered by animal nuisances again.